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Mozilla Thunderbird

Kako prikazati veličinu foldera u Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Firefox

Određivanje lokacije za cache
Move or remove the close tab button
Change the window icon
Open external links in new windows or the current tab
Decide which New Windows to Block
Tweak Find As You Type
Disable Other JavaScript Window Features
Change the search mode in the address field
Disable Bookmark Icons
Prevent URLs from being saved in Location Bar
Disable blinking elements
Disable <marquee> tags
Force frames to be resizable
Change the cursor for links that open in new window
Change language on web pages
Run Firefox from removable media
Select and copy individual table cells
Speed up page rendering
Enable Pipelining
Specify the memory cache usage
View page source using an external program
Use Windows Classic (9x/Me/2000) styled menus
Use your own background image for the toolbars
Don’t use bold text on the active tab
Remove items from the main menu
Remove extra padding from the Navigation Toolbar
Display Sidebar on the right
Change the width of the Search Bar
Što je “userChrome.css”?
Što je “userContent.css”?
Što je “user.js”
Locating your profile folder
Što je “about:config”?
Konfiguracijske datoteke



Microsoft MS Internet Explorer 7, MSIE7, IE7

Kako isključiti mutna slova u IE7?
Move the Menu back to the Top of IE7
Kako isključiti tabove u IE7?
How to disable/hide IE7 Command Bar
How to remove the search box from IE7

Microsoft MS Windows Vista, XP

How to turn off Compressed Folders (built-in support for ZIP files) in Windows Vista and XP?

Microsoft MS Windows 2000/XP, Win 2k XP, Win2k, WinXP

Command prompt iz Windows Explorera
Kako omogućiti DMA u Win2k/XP?
Enable/disable disk performance counters

Microsoft MS Windows XP, Win XP, WinXP

How to disable picture and fax viewer?
Kako isključiti autoplay?

Microsoft MS Windows

Kako vratiti ikonu “My Computer”?

Microsoft MS Outlook

Kako minimizirati Outlook u tray

Microsoft MS Windows 2000/Me/XP, WinXP, Win2k, Millennium Edition, ME

Enabling/disabling Control panel

Microsoft MS Windows 2000, Win2k, Win2000

Microsoft MS SQL Enterprise Manager

How to hide system tables and objects?

Microsoft MS Access Database, MSAccess

How to attach a label to a control?

tipkovničke kratice


Microsoft MS Windows

Keyboard Shortcuts – Općenito
Keyboard Shortcuts – Dialog box
Keyboard Shortcuts – Natural
Keyboard Shortcuts – Accessibility

Microsoft MS Windows Explorer

Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Keyboard Shortcuts – Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft MS Internet Explorer

Keyboard Shortcuts When Accessing a Website or Document
Keyboard Shortcuts When In Print Preview
Keyboard Shortcuts When Typing An Address Into The Address Bar
Keyboard Shortcuts Managing Favorites




Kako deinstalirati Morgan Stream Switcher?



IDM Computer Solutions UltraEdit, Ultra Edit

Brzi Unindent

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